shout outs for sprouts


"Colton said, 'This camp was wonderful! The watermelon smoothie was awesome! The instructors were so nice! I learned that lots of kids like gardening. I loved making the tic-tac-toe bug game.' Mom is sure the t-shirt will never be clean again! Worth every second! Thanks for a fantastic week!"

Lori Leaman
(Son, Colton, attended Summer Garden Camp 2017)


"Our garden has become an integral part of our students' school experience here at Conestoga Elementary. Our students have benefited greatly from the authentic learning experiences our garden provides and the wonderful activities our Garden Committee has created for us. I believe the opportunity for students to make that connection to nature is invaluable."

Tamara Baker
Conestoga Elementary


"Thank you for the time you spent with us in the school's garden. The students were clearly enjoying their time outside and were so excited to help with the garden! What I am MOST appreciative of (and SHOCKED by) was what I observed from those students who typically struggle with behavior and focus issues. To see these students be COMPLETELY engaged in a task with eagerness and a sense of wonder was amazing. I was awestruck to see the concentration of one particular student who was elbow-deep in pumpkin pulp while listening respectfully to every word and every instruction of your volunteer. What an eye-opening and wonderful experience for me as well!"

Stacey Brinkman
Penn Manor School District
Central Manor Elementary-Grade 6


"The Edible Classroom experience exceeded my expectations! My son came home every week so excited to tell me and show me something new he learned in the garden."

Mary Rohrer
Parent of 4th grade student
in Garden Club


"School Gardens give students authentic hands-on experiences that makes their learning come to life. Students engage meaningfully with the world and understand the trials of nature. They naturally become curious problem solvers in the garden and it is such a joy to see students discover."

Dr. Kimberly R.  Garvey
6th Grade Teacher
Central Manor Elementary


"Having a school garden is a fun experience, especially for kids who don’t have garden at home.”

Miranda Martin
th grade student
Conestoga Elementary


“Using the garden as a tool to teach across the curriculum allows children to engage in discovery at all age levels.  I've seen firsthand how every child is excited to explore the garden while developing leadership and teamwork skills as they organize jobs to plan, maintain, harvest, and prepare what they've grown.  I cannot express enough, how helpful it has been to have an educator, like Beth, align garden lessons and activities to the standards and have all materials necessary so we can just walk in and get busy actively learning.  She has even coordinated school wide events that culminated in lessons in food prep and healthy eating. Those experiences have benefits that reach beyond the classroom.”

Ellen Altdoerffer
rd grade teacher
Conestoga Elementary


"The CM Garden has provided our students with hands-on learning, healthy eating options, and an overall beautiful, green space where kids can learn to appreciate nature."

Brian Malek

Central Manor Elementary School